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只要你们提供想安装的物品如挂上的墙壁或位置,提供尺寸给老板Jansen, 便可让他亲自联系你以免费估价,收费由低至高的各种设计,马来西亚的酒店,办公室,医院,商场或任何你想安装的地方只要提供资料给Jansen, 我们就可以亲自上门取货,设计,所有款式的精致镜子玻璃与相框设计皆可办到,不管客户是来自马来西亚的哪个地区,我们皆可提供一条龙服务。只需联系Jansen 即可。
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No 6G,Jalan Pju 5/21,The Strand 47810 Kota Damansara,Petaling Jaya,Selangor.


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我们Jansen Art Gallery在雪隆区,马来西亚因客户的支持已拥有超过30年的专业设计与安装
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只需联系或whatsapp老板本人Jansen :
+6016-3866 999 / 016-699 8118 即可。

#KlangValley Best frame and mirror design.
We can do any design to our dearest customer needed.
Board frame, glass frame, for frame for any value item,mirror design and installation.

Contact / Whatsapp :
016-3866 999 (Jansen)

Just send us the photo of places with size to Jansen, then you can get a free quotation price from low to high with many type of design, We can provide one-stop service, including door-to-door pickup, design and installation in nationwide Malaysia, for hotel, shop, mall, hospital, office or any other place would like to install frame or mirror.

We are the specialist in frame and mirror glass design with installation, thanks for support us and please share it to your friend????????????
????Jansen Art Gallery ????, our shop address:
No 6G, Jalan Pju 5/21, The Strand 47810 Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

We will provide special offers up to 70% to all of our customers who continue to support us. We would like to thank all of you for your support since the beginning of the road. until now. Because of your support, we will keep on provide the best service and best price for you.

Now we had provide a special service with any customer have bulk order or custom made design with your specific demand:
????One-stop convenience services.
✰Free Quote>Provide Samples> Pickup item>Delivery to your place and Installation✰

To save you valuable time, without having to visit our store, but to install in any office, home, hotel, medical, catering, dance studio and other places with customer specific needed .
Just contact or whatsapp Jansen:
+ 6016-3866 999

Jansen Art Gallery in Klang Valley, Malaysia has more than 30 years of professional design and installation service for:
⬜Mirror and Glass
???? Fine Art
????Calligraphy and fengshui art painting supply

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