How to choose a suitable mirror to use? 3 Simple Advice For You

How to choose a suitable mirror?
3 ways to let you know how to choose a high-quality mirror that can last longer for more than 10 years

Quality of glass
-Check whether the glass used in the mirror has no defects, such as twists/blurs, and the most important thing is that it will not deform the illuminated reflector.
-The glass surface should have a flat surface

The thickness of the mirror
-Usually the thickness of the mirror is roughly 3mm(1/8), 4.5mm(3/16), and 6mm(1/4). For high-quality mirrors, 6mm(1/4) thickness is usually recommended, because even if placed at the walls aren’t staright, and because of the high-quality mirrors, they will not deform the reflective objects.

Mirror silvering coating
-The coating surface on the side of the mirror silvering glass is usually formed of silver nitrate and other compounds, and high-quality mirrors have a higher-quality thick silvering coating.

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